Continued Improvement... Client Story

Recently we wanted an outside view of how the product has changed over the years from a customer’s point of view. So we contacted a company that has regularly purchased the DomeShelterTM solution for the last ten years.

Let me introduce you to the GM of Rapid Plastics; Warren Davies.
“We find the DomeSheltersTM are a very effective and efficient storage solution using both the containers as well as the Shelter – Over the years we have always kept our eyes open for different options and I can tell you that they are the best in the market.

Overtime, we have noticed your continued improvement in the product line, previously the older versions had eyelets in the front while the latest version has a full slot for the wire rope with the poly pipe around it – which I thought was quite good”

Thankyou Rapid Plastics for your support over the years. - Click here to go to our Products Page