Frequently Asked Questions

The page contains a list of the most common questions our customers ask for the 'DomeShelterTM' branded product line.

Where can I view one of these structures?

These shelters are regularly shipped around the world - Fill out your contact details with your location and our sales team will send you the closest case-study in your area.

What are the different uses for these structures?

     Oil & Gas
     Public Works
     Sports & Recreation
     Waste & Recycling
     Personal Storage
     Agriculture & Events and Retail

What extras come with these structures?

When you contact the sales team please let them know if you are interested in the following extras;


Can we attach the structure to the side of our existing shed?

Depending on the shed design and strength capabilities this may be done. AWP Group cannot take responsibility for the strength of your existing shed, we recommend that you have an engineer inspect your building and discuss this with you.

Can the kit pack fit into a container?

Most standard DomeShelterTM branded kits are compact enough to fit into their relevant Sea Container sizes. Generally 20ft (6.05m) long DomeShelterTM models will have kit items of up to 6.5m. This may require the pack to be slewed on an angle inside the container to get the required length. 40ft (12.2) long DomeShelterTM models however will fit easily inside a 40ft Container as generally the kit items are only up to 8.0m Length.

How will my DomeShelter Structure be packed?

All DomeSheltersTM come kit packed, strapped in a steel crate and plastic wrapped ready for transport. Shelter kit packs are easily manageable for efficient delivery.

How do I take the tarp off if required in preparation for cyclonic conditions?

To remove or lower the tarpaulin is relatively simple. Generally only one side is loosened and is pulled across to the other side and strapped in place on top of the container.

Do I need to take the tarp cover down in the event of a cyclone?

Although some shelters are designed to withstand cyclonic conditions we still recommend if possible, removing the tarp in the event of a cyclonic storm warning, to eliminate any damage to the cover from other flying debris that could be present.

Due to the costs of removing and reinstalling each time there is a threat of cyclones, some clients have chosen to view the covers as dispensable and leave them on. The decision has proved successful with the covers weathering the cyclones well. This has to be a decision made by the client.

Can I install these structures with my own team?

These structures are easy to erect but it does come down to size and final design. We estimate at least 80% of Shelters despatched would be installed either by the client, or by their own organised team. However we have specialised Installation teams available if required.

Does the DomeShelters product line come with a warranty?

Yes, all fabric coverered structures that are under the DomeShelterTM brand come with a 10 year warranty. The warranty covers Engineering, General Workmanship, Fabric, Framework and the Fabric Joins - When talking to AWPGroup please request the Warranty Certificate

What is a PMDS?

Post Mounted DomeShelterTM

What is a CMDS?

Container Mounted DomeShelterTM

What colors do the DomeShelter cover come in?

Any colour as long as it is white - On a more serious note we are always open to increasing our product range, simply ask the sales team if you have special colour requirements.

May I have an overview of the prices?

To ensure you are getting exactly what you want 80% of the DomeSheltersTM are customised to your individual requirements - When you contact AWP Group the team will work through the above questions with you and send you a proposal normally within 1-2 days.

What is meant by A, B, C & D Wind Regions?

A. Wind Regions are derived from the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1170:2:2002.
The ‘Region’ refers to the location. The ‘Terrain’ Category refers to the description of the terrain at the Location.

Please click here to download a PDF of the different wind regions

WIND REGION A = Ultimate Design Wind speed of 41m/s or 147.6km/h
(Region A, Terrain Category 2, 10m reference height)

WIND REGION B = Ultimate Design Wind speed of 51.9m/s or 186.84km/h
(Region B, Terrain category 2, 10m Reference height)

WIND REGION C = Ultimate Design Wind Speed of 64.5m/s or 232.2km/h
(Region C, Terrain Category 2, 10m Reference height)

Wind Region D = Ultimate Design Wind speed of 88m/s or 316.8km/h
(Region D, Terrain Category 2, 10m Reference height)

What questions should I have prepared before phoning?

1      What is the DomeShelterTM going to be used for eg: machinery or people  (what is size machinery)

2      What wind region does your new DomeShelterTM fit into: Click here for a Map

3      Packaging requirements:  Is your item going be placed in a container or trucked

4      What sort of machinery are you putting into your DomeShelterTM eg if you are using the forklift you may need to take into count the boom when it goes up and down.

5      Do you need endwalls in your DomeShelter.TM

6      Do you require any lighting or any extra fittings re: Shelving

7      How do you want to go about ballasting eg: Weighted wall or footings

8      Installation: as the DomeShelterTM is supplied to you as a kitset - do you have the resources to install the DomeShelterTM or do you require a install team.

9      What terrain category are you in eg: What is the outlay of the land like.

10   Fire Retardancy; Is your DomeShelterTM in a zone that is at a higher risk of fire damage.

11   What sort of square meterage do you need?

How does a DomeShelter compare against a Shed?

Easy to install, dismantle and relocate.
DomeSheltersTM are very easy to install as they have very simple and straight-forward structural connections. Due to the speed and ease of installation, substantial time and money can be saved on site. All shelters come kit packed on a re-usable steel cradle making it easy to transport.

Less Radiant Heat.
The DomeShelterTM covers are made in a UV block-out fabric that reflects the sun's rays and therefore absorbs less heat than conventional sheds. Other fabric options available that let in more light, also let in a little more radiant heat, but is still substantially less than conventional sheds.

Better Atmosphere.
The frameworks clear span and the soft subtle light that transfers through the fabric gives the feeling of being in a clean and open area.

Noise Control
The DomeShelterTM fabric softens any harsh noises and the dome shape of the shelter reduces echoes which helps significantly when keeping noise levels under control.

Lower environmental impact
All DomeShelterTM structures are environmentally friendly. 95% of the materials in our shelters have the ability to be recycled including the cover and framework.

How long will the cover last?

The cover on a DomeShelterTM structure will last approximately 8-12 years. Some clients have achieved more, although this does depend on a number of factors.

Below is a few factors that may reduce the lifespan of a shelter cover:

1: The shelter cover was not sufficiently maintained and the cover became loose: This is one reason why the DomeShelterTM attachment system was designed and developed. The DomeShelterTM tensioning system allows very easy maintenance and provides even tension on the fabric cover compared to covers that are lashed with ropes through eyelets.

2: Ultra Violet (UV) radiation can lead to breakdown in the material and thread: This is why DomeShelterTM covers are manufactured using Australian made premium UV stabilised Polyethylene and Polypropylene fabrics. These fabrics offer superior strength/weight ratios, abrasion and tear resistance over comparable PVC and poly fabrics.

3: Some shelter roof designs have greater degradation levels than others: DomeShelterTM uses an arched hoop framework which is ideal for consistent tension over the entire span, other manufacturers use a different system that can lead to premature wear and degradation. Roofs with long unsupported flat sections with three radius corners tends to over tighten the fabric on the corners to keep the tarp tight on the flat roof sections. When a cover becomes over-tightened, the fabric is subject to early UV degradation due to the high density weave opening up and allowing the UV to penetrate into the structure of the material. Some shelters may be exposed to higher UV radiation than another at a different location. UV radiation levels depend on the latitude and elevation of the location.

What is a DomeShelter?

The DomeShelterTM is brand of fabric covered structures. In simple terms, the rigid steel framework is carefully formed into an arched shape and a fabric cover is manufactured in-house as the cladding for the framework.

The cover is most commonly made from either a Polypropylene or Polyethylene waterproof fabric.

The benefit of in-house manufacturing allows for great attention to detail in the welding and manufacturing processes of the covers to ensure a life expectancy unmatched in the industry.

While many of these arched shaped buildings may look similar from a distance, there are significant differences in the quality and engineering between manufacturers.

The DomeShelterTM brand is fully-engineered using the best possible materials and cover systems available.

What sets the DomeShelter brand apart in the market place?

The design and production teams at AWP Group apply particular attention to the detail of every component; along with years of dedication and experience bring together the driving force behind the iconic DomeShelterTM brand. This sets us apart in the marketplace.

Ultimate Value
The DomeShelterTM brand is a leader in overall value. Our use of high grade materials and dedication to better corrosion resistance provides greater long-term durability.

The ease of installation eclipses all other shelter systems with its effortless structural connections and tarp tensioning system therefore saving time and cost.

Do you have other questions for us?

Feel free to visit our contact page or phone AWP Group on: 1800 653 351

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