Western Australian Truck Tarps:

With over 26 years of experience in tarp manufacturing, you’re bound to be smiling with your new Westarp™ truck tarp. As the leader in pioneering the Roll tarp system in WA, you’ve the ultimate assurance of durability. Strong, tough tarp designs and fabrics, including 900 gsm PVC, heavy webbings and reinforcing are used to create long lasting rugged systems.

The truck tarp concept, otherwise known as a Roll Tarp or trailer cover, has become very popular, offering safe compliance to laws stating suitable covering of loose content in trailers. The Rolling Tarp concept has proved to be one of  the popular options because of its versatility, thus it’s frequently found on most trailers including grain tippers, sand trailers, side tipper tarps.

Also, in the unfortunate case of repairs, give us a call to find a large range of Roll Tarp components comprising of: uni-joints, handles, roller pipes, extra heavy duty splined uni-joint systems, and much more.

With well over 15000 Roll Tarps since 1988, Westarp is the desired choice for your truck tarp needs. Contact the company on (08) 9690 1111 or fill out the online Roll Tarp order form.

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