Container Mounted DomeShelter

The Container Mounted DomeShelterTM is a relocatable shelter system engineered to withstand wind and other tough Australian conditions. These DomeSheltersTM have a robust steel frame that can be either bolted, welded or Twistlocked to the top of std Sea Containers.

Container Mounted DomeShelterTM (CMDS) structures come in a large range of sizes and are made to suit various shipping container configurations. DomeShelterTM models are engineered to withstand and profiles are available to suit Australian A, B, C and D Wind Regions. All steel used in construction is in accordance with AS1163 and designed in accordance with AS1170.2.

Std. DomeShelterTM widths available.
6m wide Std Container Shelter
8m wide Std Container Shelter
10m wide Std Container Shelter
12m wide Std Container Shelter
17m wide Std Container Shelter
21m wide Std Container Shelter
23m wide Std Container Shelter
Low-Rise DomeShelterTM widths available.
12m wide Low-Rise Container Shelter
15m wide Low-Rise Container Shelter
Hi-Rise DomeShelterTM widths available.
12m wide Hi-Rise Container Shelter
15m wide Hi-Rise Container Shelter
17m wide Hi-Rise Container Shelter
Super Rise DomeShelterTM widths available.
17m Wide Super-Rise Container Shelter
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truck John-Kopriwa Rio-Tinto-Brockman-2-Site-1-50x50 Koolan-Island
Thank you to the team for the professionalism from the handling of our large project from enquiry right through to after sales follow up. It's very refreshing in this day and age to have true customer service.
I cannot stop praising Tim and the team at AWP Group for their help, support and quick trouble free deliveries over the past months.

We are now building two more shelters and looking forward dealing with AWP Group in the future.

CM Farms Nambeelup
I was very pleased with your company’s service and product. The ease of erect was unreal. We had a product from one of your competitors previously to the supply of your product and am pleased to say your product is by far superior.”

Rio Tinto
The options that come with the shelters like the wield on mount rails or the bolt lock system, the quick turnaround times and amazing customer service is why our company has chosen to partner with AWP Group.

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